The state of the art weaving facility is operational under the name of Awanberg Industries & Mills. It is currently equipped with 592 airjet looms supported by well-experienced highly qualified technical and marketing team. The fabrics woven in our weaving facility cater to the requirements of the apparel, home textile and technical textile industries. We have a monthly production capacity of 9.1 million yards out of which 90 % exported to all continents.

Weaving Product Range


100% Cotton, Carded, combed, compact/Non Compact/O.E/Ring spun. Blended Fabric in different ratio, blended cotton with polyester/Viscose/Rayon/Tencel/Model/Organic Cotton etc along with the Certificates


Dense poplins with the range of rough to very fine counts-i-e from 4/1 n.e to 120/I n.e


Heavy weigh twills and drills in all styles 2/1, 3/1 and 2/2 twills for all seasons with respect to different uses, satin and sateen for all types feasible for raising etc.


All kinks of Uni-stretch and bi-Stretch in twills/drills/ poplins and dobbies.


Fabric in tow-plied, three plied and four plied in different weight and composition


All sorts of dobbies with heavy weight fabrics upto 450 gms/sqr mtr with different weaves like Bedford cords, high–low cords, Irregular Twills, Broken Twills, Crinkles, Herringbones, Elephant Skins, etc.


Fabric with different slubs patterns and styles, slub with stretch and non-stretch, Fancy yarn Fabrics, Multicounts in one way/both ways, high Twists in both sides, zero twisted yarn Fabrics


PEP (Prepared for printing), PFD (Prepared for Dyeing), PFGD (Prepared for Garment Dyeing) both Peach and Non Peach Dyed in different colors.

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